3D Printing Collectibles

Jun 24, 2019




Have you ever been a hobbyist? Do you collect stamps, napkins, vintage toys, or porcelain? If you do, then you know how annoying it can be when you collect vintage toys, and you are a “completist” meaning that you need every single part of the toy collected, not only a plain toy. Finding these rare items today, after three or four decades later, or even more, is pretty hard. It is hard finding them, but even if you do, they tend to be pretty costly. Collecting vintage toys is not a cheap hobby at all. But how can 3D printing help us with our collecting hobby?

Scan, Print, Repeat

People nowadays who collect vintage toylines came up with a brilliant idea on how to solve the “missing parts” problem. If anyone from your hobby world has a piece you need, they could lend it to you to perform a 3D scan of the part. Afterward, 3D printing of that part comes easy. The most significant benefit of all is that you can print it in as many pieces as you wish. Helping all other fellow collectors to complete their collections as well.

It’s Not For Everything

Not everything can be 3D printed. For example, you can’t 3D print a stamp. You might try, but the quality of the stamp will be different, and it won’t be an original stamp, to begin with. But small, plastic pieces like vintage toy line parts are an excellent choice for 3D printing. Although you and all others who use these 3D printed parts will know it’s not an original piece, you will be satisfied with your completed collection after all.

3D printers can also print entire toys if you have a design file ready for your printer. The power of 3D printers is astonishing, and it can help us with our collections as well.

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