Finding the Best Fertility Clinic in Dubai

Jun 24, 2019




Couples dealing with infertility are looking for medical solutions in fertility clinics both in their locality and elsewhere. With the emergence of multiple fertility clinics in Dubai, there is a need for patients to choose their clinic carefully. Many factors govern this decision, but it is always wise to choose a fertility clinic that will potentially solve your infertility problem and suit your budget. But how do you go about finding the best fertility clinic in Dubai?

Steps to Finding the Best Fertility Clinic in Dubai

  1.     Seek for Referrals

Asking for referrals from friends, family and any other medical professionals is always a good starting point for finding the best fertility clinic in Dubai. Family members and friends may recommend some of the best fertility clinics in Dubai. Medical practitioners may also have leads or contacts with the best fertility doctors in Dubai. This way, you can contact them and arrange a visit to their clinics.

  1.     Search through the Internet

The answer to your question may just be a Google search away. Using a search phrase such as “fertility clinics near me”, you can receive a list of fertility clinics in Dubai for which you can start to research on other finer details.

  1.     Research on the Success Rate

For the initial fertility clinics in Dubai you’ve listed, it is important to look into their success rates. Find out from their websites what their IUI and IVF success rates are. If they haven’t indicated these on their website, forget about them, and research on another fertility clinic. You can research on several clinics and find out the success rates that are most appealing. However, you should beware of false numbers and should, therefore, digest these success rates with a grain of salt.

  1.     Consider Your Insurance Policy

Does your medical insurance cover IUI or IVF? If so, it is most appropriate to choose clinics that offer these services. This helps reduce the total treatment cost if the treatment involves any of these procedures.


Finding the best fertility clinic in Dubai is key to getting your fertility problems solved. It is essential to find out the fertility clinics near you via Google search and later dig deep into their websites for finer details. You can later narrow down to one clinic, contact them, and schedule a visit.

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