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Jun 24, 2019




Ever wondered how the national level players are so good at what they are doing? I believe this thought has come to your mind at least once. The players are so good at their jobs because they train day and night.

Just like the players, training is very important for a business. Business runs smoothly when there are efficient workers in a company. Training might seem like a hassle but it is the biggest reward you can give to yourself as an owner of a business.

There are a few types of training. Firstly, there induction training. Induction training usually helps new employees to get settled to the new working environment.

Secondly, there is on-the-job training. One of the most popular ways of on-the-job training is mentoring. This method of training means that an experienced employee is assigned to share their advice for the new employees.

Thirdly, there is off-the-job training. This method of training takes place outside the business by an external training provider. As this training takes place out of the business this helps the employees to learn more efficiently.

Enough of the types of training. Now let us come to the main point. Why is training so important and why could this small eight letter word make or break your business.

The benefits of training are unlimited. Because this helps companies to have a positive working environment. When employees are trained it is easier to work with them as they become more cooperative.

Now coming to the employee’s point of view. When an employee is trained they can deliver their work more efficiently.

This helps the employees to develop their job satisfaction. Employees can develop their skills which will boost their self -confidence.

Training benefits all the sectors of business. If there is no training, there is no development. And when there is no development we know that declines.

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