What Are the Popular Team Building Activities

Jun 24, 2019




Team building is a great way to improve communication among workers. This helps them to understand their peers. Team building activities can be outdoor and indoor.

When working in a corporate office usually indoor team building activities are done more often. Here are the most Popular Team Building Activities.

Game of Possibilities:

This team building exercise takes about five to six minutes. This type of team building activities done in smaller groups. One member from each of the group needs to come up. Then each group is given an object.

The member who came up needs to identify the object given to their respective group.

The other members of the group cannot mention the name of the object. They can tell the demonstrator about the object by mentioning the object’s use or benefits or appearance. This team building exercise improves communication and inspires creativity.


This is a great team building exercise. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the exercise.

The employees can be divided into pairs or small groups. So the procedure is that each member from the groups will tell the other member of their group about an unpleasant memory they have had in their personal life or work life.

Then the other members of the group will tell the member who shared the memory about the positive things that were caused because of the unpleasant memory.

The other members will help the member identify the silver lining. Afterward all the members from the respective groups will which roles. This exercise helps the employees understand the good in the bad. Workers learn how to transform bad experiences to positive learning experiences.

Purpose Mingle:

This exercise is by far the most efficient exercise. This takes less than 5 minutes. This exercise can be done with any amount of people. So here is how it goes.

Firstly, everyone who will be present in an upcoming meeting will establish their contribution to their meeting. The employees will state what they want to contribute to the meeting.

Then after all the contributions are assumed. The meeting will start. Then the employees who will accomplish their target of contribution which was stated beforehand will be rewarded or praised.

This improves the productivity of the meeting. This exercise helps the employees to be alert about the meeting rather than just being a part of it. Purpose Mingle motivates employees to be active during meetings.

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